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MMA Coach Owen Roddy joins Karl Dawson on this week's Saturday Social. He talk's about his return to training at SBG Charlestown. How the global pandemic has changed the sport and McGregor's shock departure and retirement from the UFC.


  • 883 - MMA Coach Owen Roddy on his return to work at SBG Charlestown and McGregors shock departure from the sport. 
    Sat, 25 Jul 2020
  • 882 - Now That's What I Call Sport Podcast - 10th March 
    Sun, 10 Mar 2019
  • 881 - 'It Is One Of Those Things That Will Be Hard To Say Goodbye to' - Schmidt 
    Sun, 10 Mar 2019
  • 880 - Now That's What I Call Sport - Cheltenham Preview 
    Sun, 10 Mar 2019
  • 879 - Now That's What I Call Sport Podcast - 3rd March 
    Sun, 03 Mar 2019

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