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This morning on Dublin Talks, We asked our listeners to think back to that time they got suspended from school, what did they do to warrant it? Some of these calls are hilarious. TUNE IN TO DUBLIN TALKS LIVE EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING FROM 10AM, ONLY ON 98FM Check out all of our podcasts here. [audio mp3="https://media.radiocms.net/uploads/2021/04/22122444/210422-That-time-in-school.mp3"][/audio]


  • 3444 - This Caller Got Themselves Suspended From School Over This 
    Thu, 22 Apr 2021
  • 3443 - If You Broke Up, Who Would Get The Dog Or Cat? 
    Thu, 22 Apr 2021
  • 3442 - Some Of Our Callers Say Introducing Gender Neutral Toilets In Schools Is Inappropriate 
    Thu, 22 Apr 2021
  • 3441 - When It Comes To Moving In With Your Partner Is There Ever A Wrong Time? 
    Wed, 21 Apr 2021
  • 3440 - Cannabis Laced Jellies Are Being Sold To Young Children 
    Wed, 21 Apr 2021

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