Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids

Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids โดย Rhea Pechter

Rhea Pechter

Little Stories for Tiny People is a kids' podcast featuring original kids' stories that will delight the tiny people in your life. Perfect for bleary-eyed parents, innovative teachers, and at-wits’-end babysitters looking for an alternative, non-annoying way to engage the toddlers and young kids they love at bedtime or anytime! Each story for children is lovingly written and performed with attention to the whimsical senses of humor children often possess. Visit to learn more, to purchase the first LSFTP picture book, and to shop for merch!

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Parrot lives in an apartment on the outskirts of a city, above the outfield of a baseball diamond. She enjoys spending time wandering around the apartment, sitting on her person's shoulder, taking her daily naps, and watching the baseball games down below. Her life is simple and fine - until a series of unexpected things happen. Find out what happens in this sweet story about friendship and change. ENJOY! If you love this story, please share it with any parrots who may be lonelier than they care to admit, snails who enjoy baseball, anyone who loves a challenging jigsaw puzzle - don’t we all - and your friends. They might just need a good story these days. Big People: if you happen to have an Apple device, leave a review in Apple Podcasts! If your tiny person wants to share a story they've written, please send photos or recordings of it to I'd LOVE to see their artwork, stories, and anything else they'd like to share. BIG THANKS to the listeners who provided sound effects used in the story: PIPPA, YAEL, and LIAM! Thank you to MIA for helping me with the reminder message at the beginning of this episode! Visit my website, (lovingly designed by my in-house tech director), to see book recommendations, Little Hedgehog tees, my picture book, and more!


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