Slow Pitch

Slow Pitch โดย Brad and Sean

Brad and Sean

The undisputed sports movie podcast champion of all time.


Sean and Brad review the 1977 classic One on One. They talk about how weird the main character is, Sean impersonates Keanu Reeves in Speed, and they talk about how awkward writing this movie with your father might have been. Also, were red hot pokers a thing in the late 70s? Cause this movie hinges on one, and it's more than a little strange.Next episode: The original Fever Pitch from 1997Fever Pitch (UK) is streaming on Peacock, TUBI, Crackle, Plex, and Freevee. You can als...


  • 52 - One on One 
    Sun, 05 May 2024
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    Sun, 10 Mar 2024
  • 50 - Out of Bounds #3: Some Kind of Wonderful 
    Sun, 20 Aug 2023
  • 49 - Snow Dogs 
    Thu, 20 Jul 2023
  • 48 - Million Dollar Baby 
    Wed, 21 Jun 2023

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