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Avery Forrestall was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia at age 5, which he fought for 4 years from 2006-2010. After about a year and a half of being in remission, he was re-diagnosed with the same disease in 2011. He underwent another 3 years of chemotherapy and after over a hundred surgeries, among many other rigorous treatments, he finally became cancer free in February of 2014.

While in the hospital, Avery used pro wrestling, movies, and music to help pass the time and give him something to live vicariously through. Naturally, after beating cancer the second time, Avery pursued a professional wrestling career, going as far as to win the APW Road to Royalty tournament in 2019.

Avery now attends Columbia College Chicago in the South Loop of the Windy City, studying Film Directing and Hip Hop Studies. He recently put out a series of short films and is preparing for the release of his first official Rap and R&B inspired EP, “really? again?” under his musical alias, Avery Sunshine.


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