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EB-5 Investment Voice

EB5 Investment Voice covers the United States immigrant investor visa that attracts foreign capital into the U.S. and creates jobs for American workers. Hosted by Mark Deal with Mona Shah, other attorney guests, and other leaders walk through the program from a legal perspective, business development factors as well as investor return and residency considerations.

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In the midst of USCIS chaos, quarterly stakeholder meetings provide a glimmer of hope for the future of communication between the agency and EB-5 projects.

"The forum that the settlement agreement established is not the forum for issues to be raised on a case-by-case basis with regards to projects. That's the point. We're talking generalities."

Aaron Grau discusses the EB-5 program and how it is unlike other immigration programs. He explains how the program can affect entire communities, not just individual investors. Mr. Grau also discusses the recent settlement in the Behring case and how it will allow existing regional centers to continue operating. He notes that there will now be quarterly meetings between regional centers and USCIS to discuss the program and ensure that it is being interpreted and implemented correctly.

Aaron is the executive director of Invest in the USA, which is the organization focused on stimulating the US economy for the benefit of America workers, American communities, and all those invested in sustainable domestic job creation, specifically through the EB-5 program.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. The EB-5 program is unlike other immigration programs in that a denial or delay in adjudication can affect multiple people, not just one individual.
2. The Behring settlement process was a coordinated effort between USCIS, the Department of Justice, and a handful of plaintiffs, including members of Invest in the USA.
3. The quarterly meetings between USCIS and stakeholders established as part of the settlement agreement are an opportunity to discuss generalities around the EB-5 program, but not project-specific issues.

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