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Russian-backed officials have acknowledged that Ukrainian forces have made significant gains in the past two days in the southern Kherson region of Ukraine. Also: Iran's Supreme leader blames unrest on US and Israel; and Kim Kardashian is fined more than $1m for illegally promoting a cryptocurrency online.


  • 4455 - Ukraine makes more military gains 
    Tue, 04 Oct 2022
  • 4454 - Russia ‘will make objective judgment’ about nuclear weapons 
    Mon, 03 Oct 2022
  • 4453 - Brazil election: Bolsonaro and Lula in tight presidential race 
    Mon, 03 Oct 2022
  • 4452 - Russian troops forced out of key east Ukraine town 
    Sun, 02 Oct 2022
  • 4451 - Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories widely condemned 
    Sat, 01 Oct 2022

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