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We welcome back Abdul Karim Vibes who is asking for our help and support as he shares his heart breaking story on how he has just lost many of his family members in Gaza - Live on Radio and broadcasting simulcast on (click subscribe) Please help rescue my fatally injured family trapped in besieged Gaza, Palestine. Fundraiser to rescue the badly injured family of Palestinian Sufi peace-maker Abdul Karim …. from Gaza As a Palestinian peace maker, healer and Sufi wandering dervish, I was calling for peace and love in the holy land on my last interview on this show in December. Since then my life has been deeply altered, as I lost and grieve many close family members who were killed in Gaza. This time I am here to share about the tragedy my family is going though, to raise funds to evacuate surviving relatives, and to share about my personal journey of grief and healing amidst unimaginable violence against my family and homeland. On Monday 19th of February 2024 our family home in Gaza was hit by an Israeli air strike that resulted in the tragic death of my beautiful and loving mother, along with my brother, his wife and their 2 little children. Our family home, where they lived and where I grew up before leaving for London, was bombed as they were about to have their meal together after a blessed day of fasting. My father was critically injured as well as my youngest sister, cousins and relatives. My remaining surviving family are now homeless, injured and displaced yet again in their homeland. They remain under immediate threat of shameless bombardment (and forced starvation) that has been ongoing for the past 6 months - no place is safe in Gaza. I am here to seek help before it’s too late. Let’s save the survivors please! As we come to terms with our worst nightmare as a family, our priority is now to evacuate remaining 19 family members into Egypt or Europe and to have access to medical care, as the situation in Gaza is unprecedentedly catastrophic. These include my injured dad, youngest brother, youngest sister, and the families of my other 3 sisters and their children and spouses who survived the blast with moderate injuries as they were next door to our family home when it was hit. At the moment the only way to evacuate them to safety in Egypt is to pay $5000-10.000 per adult to cross the border. Not to mention costs for medical care, food and accommodation in the interim until we find a place for them to settle. We have no choice but to seek assistance and support to make this evacuation possible, as we need to raise almost $ 200.000 before it’s too late to bring them to safety. Since our house was bombed another 5 cousins have been tragically killed. If anyone knows a way to help evacuate my family or has connections with a legal team or governmental contacts in Europe or the U.K. please get in contact before it becomes too late again, God forbid. Rest in peace mum, brother and family. I also ask for prayers and energy of healing for the recovery, safety and protection of my injured father and rest of my family members that survived so far. Thank you very much. Facebook: Abdul Karim Vibes Ask Alexa - Play Radio FM Eighty Eight Australia Like what we do, you can assist with a financial contribution click here We use the Wise Payment System #radiofm88australia, #andrenaforrest, #JeffreyShaw Your host: Jeffrey Shaw Your host: Andrena Forrest Listen to Radio FM88 Australia from your part of the world Shipping goods in and out of Australia, contact Download the Listen App for Android and Apple Users Go to - for plain English written instructions or watch the brief Android and Apple video, on how to install


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