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Advanced English learning. The best podcast to learn English. Short English lessons with an experienced native English teacher. Most beneficial for intermediate to advanced English learners. Join to become a confident English speaker. Visit www.englishlessonviaskype.com to check out my advanced English intensive courses, online English lessons on Zoom/Skype, online English courses and much more!

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This episode will help you grow your vocabulary with advanced English verbs that will make your English sound more natural and fluent. Learn 12 verbs of motion in English. Learning these verbs is crucial for anyone looking to improve their speaking and writing skills. By adding these verbs to your daily conversations, you'll find it easier to describe actions and movements, helping you communicate more effectively and with more confidence.

Understanding and using these advanced vocabulary words will greatly enhance your ability to express yourself in English. Whether you're aiming to speak like a native or just want to feel more confident in your language skills, this episode makes it easy for you. Boost your fluency and be able to explain yourself clearly. With practical examples and clear explanations, you'll soon be using these motion verbs easily in your conversations and writings, taking your English to a higher level.

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