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Mike Carruthers | OmniCast Media | Cumulus Podcast Network

Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That's the purpose and the hope of "Something You Should Know." In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of "intel" you can use to make your life better - today. Right now.

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Why are there so many different shampoos? Does it really matter which one if all you want is clean hair? This episode begins by explaining which shampoo is best for you. We live in a colorful world. Color matters to us. We care what color our clothes are and what color our walls are painted and what color car we drive. We also love the colors found in nature. We admire the colorful leaves in autumn and a beautiful blue sky. Why do colors matter to us? Are there other colors we just cannot see? Are the colors I see the same ones you see? Joining me to take you on a colorful journey is Adam Rogers, s senior correspondent at Wired and author of the book Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern ( We are all expected to recycle. After all, it is the right thing to do. However, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about how recycling works and what you should and should not recycle. What about plastic forks, or plastic grocery bags or loose bottle caps? Should those be recycled? The answer is no for all three. You might also wonder just how much of what we put in our recycle bin actually gets recycled into something else. Listen and be surprised by my guest Jennie Romer. She is an attorney and leading expert on single-use plastics, and she author of the book CAN I RECYCLE THIS? A Guide to Better Recycling and How to Reduce Single-Use Plastics ( How great would it be to find something stored away in your attic or basement that is actually valuable? Listen as I reveal some items that could actually be in your home that you could turn into cash. Source: Brian Kathenes author of Betcha Didn’t Know That! ( PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS! Indeed is offering SYSK listeners a $75 Sponsored Job Credit to get your jobs more visibility at Go to and download the USCellular TryUS app to get 30 days of FREE service! Keep you current phone, carrier & number while testing a new network. Try us out and make your switch with confidence! NerdWallet lets you compare top travel credit cards side-by-side to maximize your spending! Compare and find smarter credit cards, savings accounts, and more today at TurboTax Experts make all your moves count — filing with 100% accuracy and getting your max refund, guaranteed! See guarantee details at Shop at now, to get great deals on leading-edge technology to match your forward-thinking spirit, with free shipping on everything! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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