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Professor Fred Watson and Andrew Dunkley

Join Professor Fred Watson, world-renowned Astronomer at Large, and Sci-Fi Author and Broadcaster Andrew Dunkley, on their captivating podcast, Space Nuts. Dive into the vast universe of space, astronomy and astrophysics as they discuss the latest news, exciting space travel adventures, groundbreaking discoveries, and unravel the enduring mysteries of the cosmos. This engaging series offers a unique blend of expert insights and imaginative storytelling and listener input, making it a must-listen for space enthusiasts and science fiction fans alike.

Two episodes a week with news and explainer focused editions published on Thursday's and our Listener Q&A focused edition on Monday's.

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Space Nuts Episode: Space Junk, Gravity Waves, and Solar Eclipses
Join Andrew Dunkley and Professor Fred Watson in this engaging Q&A edition of Space Nuts, where they tackle a variety of intriguing questions from listeners around the globe.
Episode Highlights:
- **Space Junk**: Pete from Mamong Point raises concerns about the long-term effects of burning up space debris in Earth's atmosphere. Fred discusses the implications and complexities of space junk management, including the concept of "graveyard orbits" and the infamous Point Nemo.
- **Gravity Waves**: Philip from Australia, originally from Glasgow, delves into the nature of gravity waves and their composition. Fred explains the concept of spacetime distortion and how gravitational waves propagate through the fabric of the universe.
- **Matter and Energy**: Giego from Slovakia questions whether vacuum energy could be converted into matter, creating new matter that wasn't present since the Big Bang. Fred provides a detailed explanation on the conversion of energy to matter and the role of dark energy.
- **Solar Eclipses**: Beverly from Texas shares her excitement about witnessing her first total solar eclipse and asks Fred and Andrew about their experiences. Fred recounts his memorable eclipse viewings and the emotional impact of this celestial phenomenon.
00:00:00 This is a Q and a edition of Space Nuts
00:01:09 Fred and Andrew ask two questions about gravity on today's show
00:08:12 In recent weeks, there's been multiple mentions of space debris burning up
00:14:27 NordVPN details: Virtual private network helps protect online activities from hackers and scammers
00:18:05 Could vacuum energy be converted into matter with expanding universe
00:21:27 Beverly from Texas hopes to see a total solar eclipse soon
00:22:16 Fred, how many total eclipses have you seen in person
00:29:54 Episode wrap
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